Leadership Lessons at Southlands Riding Club

Last Friday I put on a demonstration of Equine-facilitated Executive Coaching – preceded by Chris Irwin demonstrating how to speak ‘equus’. We had a great turn-out of curious non-equestrians and equestrians. Everyone who came really enjoyed it and we got some fabulous feedback. I was a little surprised that everyone took away some insight into their own behaviours and attitudes – just from watching the demonstrations and participating in the Q&A.

I had been thinking about putting this event together for some time. I have had a difficult time explaining to people what I do with horses. People tend to think about horses only as a form of transportation, as dude ranch creatures or somewhat scary over-sized dogs. Horses are so very different from our preconceived notions and without fail, everyone who has experienced communicating with horses in their language has walked away profoundly affected by the power of the experience. It is something that just doesn’t come across through words.

The event was video-taped and I hope to have some video up soon so people can see and  ‘get’ what horses have to teach us.

Chris and I are putting on a 2 1/2 day hands-on leadership workshop this September. You can find out more in the events page. The workshop will be at Chris’ Riversong Ranch. You can see more pictures and ‘Like’ us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EquineCoach