July 5, 2015

Signature Workshops

This modern world asks us to become conscious, present, collaborative, and fierce in our commitment to positive values, to each other, and to a world free of violence. We face complex times with seemingly extreme and divisive forces at play all around us. The need for focused commitment to compassion, integrity, and progress, while letting go of the need to be right, will test our spirits like nothing we have known.

Horses demand the best of us and can provoke the worst in us. As physically powerful and sentient flight animals, horses have greatly challenged us humans in our desire to bend them to our will, as we have done over history. Horses, through the purity of their intentions, have taught many – including me – about morality and integrity in ways that no humans ever could. When accepting that dominance will work only at great cost – namely the spirit and willing partnership of the horse – we can find ways to engage that respects the horse while maintaining physical safety for oneself.This way of being with is an enormously powerful discipline, similar to a marital art. With this idea in mind I have developed a series of workshops designed to lay a groundwork upon which one can further the development of one’s emotional intelligence and spiritual resilience in the pursuit of an evolved and well-examined life.

The Power Series – Equine Facilitated Workshops

The Power of Awareness and Presence focuses on the elements of awareness and opening into the exploration of one’s own presence. Questions that are most relevant to oneself in this workshop are:

  • where am I putting my awareness?
  • what do I need to do to be able to expand my awareness?
  • what am I bringing into being with my presence?
  • what impact do I have on those around me?

The Power of Conscious Communication focuses on wordless communication – 80 to 95% non-verbal that we all use to communicate with each other. By understanding basics of the language of equus (speaking horse to horses instead of human to horses) participants delve deeply into our non-verbal messaging. Questions that are relevant in this workshop include:

  • what am I saying with my body?
  • am I fully conscious of my emotional and spiritual state?
  • am I congruent in my communication?
  • am I sending mixed messages and if so, what is blocking clarity?

The Power of Mindful Leadership focuses on the elements of leadership in us all. Horses are Subject Matter Experts in discerning leadership and will masterfully and invariably bring to our attention where our gaps are. Questions of interest in this workshop include:

  • do I feel fit to lead?
  • am I leading from a place of integrity and congruence?
  • what do I experience when my leadership is challenged and how do I handle it?
  • am I able to feel the difference between assertiveness and aggression?
  • what do I experience when my leadership is accepted?

The workshops may be taken in or out of sequence.  Contact me to find out when the next series is scheduled and to be put on the waiting list.