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In simplest terms I work with presence, something that doesn’t sound very sexy and ground-breaking but is about the most fundamental thing we own. I use the word “own” purposefully. Presence is the felt sense of who you are; it is a fluid sense of embodiment. We all have a presence, but for the most part we’re unaware of it. Others know us by our presence. Presence is what is missed by our loved ones when we are absent. It is a critical factor in our lives because it is the who we declare ourselves to be in the world and how we are known, more so than by our name. “Presence calls our attention to how genuinely and completely a person is in a situation rather than standing apart from it as observer, commentator, critic, or judge . Presence is a name for the quality of being in a situation or relationship in which one intends, at a deep level to participate as fully as she is able. Presence is expressed through mobilization of one’s sensitivity—both inner (to the subjective) and outer (to the situation and the other person(s) in it)—and through bringing into action one’s capacity for response.” (Bugental, 1987, pp. 26-27) Presence is an outward manifestation of what we are experiencing, how we regard ourselves and others, and how competent and loved we feel.


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