Seasons Greetings

The end of the year approaches with its stormy weather, long dark nights, and ‘wet’ coast rains. Christmas and the winter equinox are celebrations; they help us hold onto the faith and hope that spring will come, the sun will return and we will once again enjoy the lengthening sunshiny days and clear starry nights.

Perhaps more than anything this time of year is an anniversary where we involuntarily savour memories, joys, losses, accomplishments of the past year or our yet-to-manifest dreams of the future. We come together for comfort and joy seeking warmth in the company of dear ones. We desire to feast and rest, often without the awareness that our mammalian instincts drive us thus.

I wish to take the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions, the love, the lessons and the connection that so many have given to me this year. I wish you food and merriment sufficient to your needs, good health, happiness, and prosperity and I look forward to reconnecting in 2013.

Seasons greetings. Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukuh. Blessings.