March 2016 News

The Paris FairIn honour of International Women’s Day I am featuring the painting on the right, completed in 1855, by the french painter Rosa Bonheur, one of the greatest artists of the 19th century. The subject matter is the Paris Horse Fair held on the Boulevard l’Hôpital near the Salpêtrière asylum, which is just visible in the background on the left. Apparently Madam Bonheur went there twice a week, dressed as a man to avoid creating a stir, for 18 months to sketch the scene. I love the way she has captured the energy and power of the horses. Horses are rarely still; their natural inclination is to move and with all the stimulation of the crowds and other horses, they would be raring to go, just as she shows us so skillfully.

On aEQ Awareness and presencenother topic, according to Forbes magazine IQ is overrated. When it comes to significance in the workplace “your IQ score pales in comparison with your EQ”.   EQ is a fancy acronym for soft skills, something that used to be considered fluff and not very important as part of one’s skillset. I think it’s fair to say EQ has found its place and is now considered to be critical to success in most careers in the 21st century. Luckily EQ, unlike IQ, can be improved and developed.

Working with horses is all about Emotional Intelligence and is one of the most powerful ways to develop and increase your Emotional Quotient. The Power Series is designed to immerse participants in the elements of EQ in order to heighten awareness of these elements. People who work with me invariably tell me that the experiences and the lessons stay with them. I created a chart that I think relates some of the EQ elements to each of the workshops in the series.

 The Power of  Awareness  and  Presence  Self-regard, Emotional self-awareness,  Impulse Control,  Stress Management,    Flexibility
 The Power of  Conscious  Communication  Emotional expression, Empathy,  Emotional self-awareness,  Flexibility
 The Power of Mindful  Leadership  Self-regard, Assertiveness,  Independence, Self-actualization

The Early Bird deadline for the Power of Awareness and Presence is April 1st. Don’t forget – there is a special price if you want to bring a colleague, and those of you who are coaches will qualify for 9 CCEUs.  For more information and to register click here. Remember to select your Registration Type before clicking the button to purchase.

Lastly … Stonehenge.