It’s Slightly Rippled

TripleLoopEquine Coach has been in business for 10 years now and I still don’t have the perfect slogan or tag line for my business. I have several friends assigned to come up with something – something that might just tickle the creative juices into the perfect lightbulb moment – something descriptive summing everything up eloquently with great embedded visuals and clarity. Something really catchy like all great tag lines and slogans. Yeah, something simple, elegant, descriptive.

For someone whose business is so much about creating opportunities for people to have insight, this is a bit of an embarrassment. Oh well … I rationalize it as a form of cobbler’s children having no shoes. In fact I think it is largely because my clients have such deep personal powerful experiences that have great meaning for them but are unique. Each person that comes to this way of working will take away something – or many things that are entirely of their own making. We, each of us, make meaning of our lives in highly personal ways. Yes there are similarities and themes but so far I have found it impossible to simplify and boil it all down into the likes of a tagline.

So tonight I decided to have another go at it. You know you can find Everything on the web so I went again looking for an online slogan/tagline generator to get me inspired. I haven’t checked out this kind of tool for a long time. Perhaps they have really improved – I was thinking to myself. There has to be Something that will work for my business.

Sure enough I found a page for free taglines; it has a text box where you can enter relevant search terms and it produces 1076 slogans containing the terms you enter. Wow! Someone has gotten a whole lot more creative in the slogan-generating business.

I started small using one word – presence. Presence is something that comes up a lot in the coaching I do. Presence is that which defines us, conveys to people who we are, and is enormously potent in shaping our lives. Interesting it is the thing we know the least about ourselves. Everyone else knows us by our presence – but not us. It’s like never being able to look in a mirror and see if those pants really do make you look fat. You have to rey on other people to tell you.

Here are some the results that Free Slogan Maker offered me:

  • Loves the Presence you hate
  • Presence all the time
  • Do You, uh, Presence?
  • I Bet He Drinks Presence
  • Presence, since 1845
  • I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Presence.

Some possible winners there for a stand-up routine but not for putting on my website. I decided to try something that speaks to one of the things that all my clients experience and these great ideas were generated:

  • Unzip a insight.
  • Insight, stay in touch.
  • Don’t leave home without insight.
  • Insight get ready.
  • You Like Insight. Insight Likes You.

This was starting to get really enjoyable and was a great distraction from working on my book. I was getting some highly creative ideas. I decided to try something more explicit:

  • Budee budee, thats all Equine Facilitated Executive Coaching
  • It’s Slightly Rippled With a Flat Equine Facilitated Executive Coaching
  • Can you feel it? Equine Facilitated Executive Coaching?

And my most favourite slogan up to this point:

  • Lipsmackin’ Thirstquenchin’ Acetastin’ Motivatin’ Evergiven’ Coolfizzin’ Equine Facilitated Executive Coaching  (perhaps that should be executive coachin’)

Now we’re getting somewhere! However there are still other phrases that figure in the work I do so I go all out and Free Slogan Maker doesn’t disappoint:

  • Just one more emotional intelligence will do.
  • Emotional Intelligence The Only Way to Fly
  • Oh my goodness, it’s a neuroscience
  • Half the Neuroscience, All the Taste.
  • Where the hell is neuroscience? (My question exactly!)
  • It Does Exactly What It Says On The Neuroscience.
  • Cleans Right Around the Horse Sense (Perhaps a little too personal)
  • See My Shiny New Horse Sense
  • Let the Horse Sense Take the Strain
  • They’re Waffly Horse Sense
  • Horse Sense When There’s Nothing Else
  • Cleans Your Floor Without Horse Sense
  • The Dirt Says Hot. The Label Says Leadership.
  • The World’s Local Leadership
  • I Lose Weight With Leadership ( I like this one because I still have some weight I’d like to lose)
  • See My Shiny New Non-Verbal Communication?
  • Life Should Taste As Good As Non-Verbal Communication
  • It’s Non-Verbal Communication Time! (This could work – its always non-verbal communication time)

Or one of the least likely choices for my line of work:

  • Non-Verbal Communication. So What?

By now I am awash in a superfluity of choice, an embarrassment of riches. What’s an amateur marketer to do? I have decided to give it some time, mull over the offerings, and perhaps get some input from my friends.  You are invited to let me know your thoughts and perhaps your favourites or to offer variants of your own devising. One day soon I hope to have that perfect slogan. No more will people wonder what I do. People will instantly think of my brand when they see it and I will have more clients than I can possibly clean or ripple or shine or …