Forward: Journeying on the 8 Fold Path of Equus

gallop-1117183_640How are you moving through life? For an equestrian, forward is all about impulsion in the horse. For humans forward is about the ability to hold the concept of one’s ideal future in focus and carry out one’s mission. Forward is about maintaining the ability to channel one’s energies to move through life while letting go of counter-productive behaviours.

Alignment and Forward are closely related. Alignment is about the strategy for living a life on purpose. Forward is about the tactics. One can be moving through life, accomplishing things and yet not feel fulfilled and truly living one’s purpose. If one’s goals are not in alignment with rhe vision, then achievement of goals can feel somewhat unsatifysing and hollow. Living one’s purpose is key to having the capacity for fulfillment and for deriving satisfaction from the achievement of goals.

Forward asks one to have a complete view of one’s personal balance sheet; this includes knowing one’s assets (resources) and liabilities (challenges). Resources include not just one’s own strengths and talents but one’s supporters and champions as well as a good grasp of one’s financial capabilities, both present and future. Challenges are those things we know about ourselves, as well as those ‘shadow’ aspects of self, that may sabotage our progress towards meeting goals and living our mission. Forward is not about perfection but about progress. Forward is not just about knowing one’ challenges but also about learning how to forgive one’s own short-comings and failures and how to work with them, not against them, as much as possible.

Successful companies typically have a defined vision and mission. The vision helps to define where the company is going. A mission statement helps to guide decision-making and steer actions that are in keeping with short and long term goals. Mission statements need to be concise and to the point. TED’s mission is “spreading ideas”. Google’s mission is ” is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Air Canada’s mission is “connecting Canada and the world”.

Do you have a mission statement for yourself? If not, why not? What would your life be like if you had clearly defined your vision and mission?