On Becoming a Speaker

I never saw this coming. When I envisioned myself as an executive coach working with people and horses I never saw myself in front of a microphone telling people about the magic of my work. Let’s be clear – I am an introvert and was always most comfortable in the background. It caused me some discomfort as a leader to have to be visible but I learned a lot about how to do that from horses.

When I was a child and played the paino I used to have anxiety attacks when the time came to get on stage and play for an audience. I didn’t think I would ever get over that. But I did. And now it seems I am getting over my fear of being in front of a microphone and speaking my truth.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to a group of supportive entrepreneurs and I think they really liked me! (Isn’t there a little Sally Field in all of us?) In any case I am now ready to step out there and tell more people about the transformational power of working and playing with horses. My topic was Neuroscience, Learning, and Coaching with Horses. I will be launching my speaking career in the next short while. In the meantime if you want to hear about the Top 3 Things That Can Take Your Team From Forming to Performing, or Leadership Secrets That Humans Have Forgotten, or Non-Verbal Communication For Verbal Mammals please let me know. I am excited to create and share these and other talks with as many people as I can.