2020 Visions

2020 Visions: From the Coach

So, ready or not here we go into a new decade! I notice that some people are stepping into this year with gusto and a genuine zest for life. While others, it seems most others, are stepping in gingerly, hoping that 2020 is better than 2019 or 2018 or 2017…  What are your 2020 visions for the new year?

It appears there is a lot of angst out there these days. It may be that politics and economics feel unfriendly and unstable from where you sit. It may be that the climate situation is pecking away at the back of your mind, undermining your ability to envision a bright and beautiful future for your self, and your family. It may be that you are living with a high degree of change at work – and maybe at home as well.  Maybe for you it’s a bit of all of these things.

Whatever it is that is gnawing inside you, I want you to know that it is possible to come to terms with the externals of the world and get control of your internals. Usually when we feel anxious, uncertain, or unhappy, it improves when we have someone to talk to, a trusted colleague who can relate to the situation in which we find ourselves, who is capable, supportive, and has our best interest foremost in their mind. If you don’t have that kind of person in your life then I highly recommend getting a good coach. In fact, it is probably better to have a coach anyway because coaches are trained professionals who have no conflicts of interest and who can fully and completely get behind you to help you identify a plan, change your mindset, and achieve your 2020 visions and goals.

Instead of making New Years resolutions, I invite you to spend 15 minutes developing – or remembering – your vision for your life. How close are you to having that vision align with your reality? The best way to connect with that inner desire is to go outside for a walk in the woods or by the ocean. Get your whole mind and body away from the familiar daily environment that reinforces the mindset of ‘problem’. Imagine your glorious vision for 2020 and get into the mindset of ‘solution’.

And if you are thinking of a coach I invite to consider me. In fact, check out my invitation to you here.

Being an introvert I have been selective, if not cautious, in choosing how to go about this thing called Marketing. It definitely stretches my comfort zone. Getting in front of a camera was pure pain for me and it probably shows in this – my video debut. In fact this video looks to me like a small step up from the neighbourhood used car salesman advertising on the local cable station but it is out there now and I invite you to watch it.

Nevertheless, I hope those of you who hear a message that speaks to you will reach out to discuss what’s up in your life and career and contact me to see if there is a fit between us. I look forward to meeting you and discussing your goals and visions for 2020.

News from the Stable

Most of you know that much of my coaching practice involves working with horses, one-to-one as well as with groups and teams. I offer custom retreats and offsites for teams that want to get out of the office to do strategic planning or team building. As a skilled facilitator and coach I have found, as have my clients, that getting outside of the office as well as your comfort zone, gets the creative juices flowing, opens the mind to insight and creativity, and brings real lasting experiences and accomplishment that you can take back to the office and can move your organization forward.  Here is a link to a video of from people who have experienced the magic of equine facilitated coaching.


I am also happy to announce I have 2 great new deluxe facilities to work out of, both within 60 to 90 minutes of downtown Vancouver. Contact me soon if you want to take advantage of the possibilities that these kinds of sessions can offer to you and your team.