On Becoming a Speaker

I never saw this coming. When I envisioned myself as an executive coach working with people and horses I never saw myself in front of a microphone telling people about the magic of my work. Let’s be clear – I am an introvert and was always most comfortable in the background. It caused me some[…]


It is Sunday midnight in Montparnasse. I am still awake living in a time zone of my very own, somewhere between Pacific Standard and Central European Time. Parisians are settled in for the night. If I look out of the living room windows, off to the west I can just make out the top third[…]

Mindfulness, Awareness, and Concentration

Mindfulness seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. Sorry for the bad pun – but it is, apparently, increasingly a topic of interest. In fact, Google search trends show a steady increase in web searches for the terms mindful or mindfulness since 2005. Europe was the source for most of the searches of the[…]

Values from Horses

A Father’s Explanation of Why He Had Horses for His Children.

“My daughter turned sixteen years old today; which is a milestone for most people. Besides looking at baby photos and childhood trinkets with her, I took time to reflect on the young woman my daughter had become and the choices she would face in the future.

As I looked at her I could see the athlete she was, and determined woman she would soon be. I started thinking about some of the girls we knew in our town who were already pregnant, pierced in several places, hair every color under the sun, drop outs, drug addicts and on the fast track to no-where, seeking surface identities because they had no inner self esteem. The
parents of these same girls have asked me why I “waste” the money on horses so my daughter can ride. I’m told she will grow out of it, lose interest, discover boys and all kinds of things that try to pin the current generation’ s “slacker” label on my child. I don’t think it will happen, I think she will love and have horses all her life. […]

Their last journey

Will You Eat Horse Meat?

Warning: Reader Discretion Advised.

Their last journey

Their last journey.

Will you eat horse meat? For me this question has no meaning. I became vegan last year, initially out of a desire to get healthier, and then, after witnessing some graphic video of slaughterhouses on ‘candid’ camera, it so sickened me I haven’t been able to consider eating any animals, fish, or other sentient beings since. So the current ‘scandal’ over horse meat turning up disguised as beef does not concern me at all. Neither am I against others choosing to eat meat. What does concerns me is the hideous treatment to which all food animals, horses in particular, are subjected on their way to the dinner plate. […]

Anthropomorphize No More

Yes it’s an awkward title but sparked by an article that came to my attention about a recent acknowledgement in the scientific community that mammals and some other life forms do indeed have consciousness. In July 2012 the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness was adopted at the first Francis Crick Memorial Conference. An excerpt from the[…]


Ray Hunt died on March 12, 2009. The last of the old-time Horse Whisperers, his cowboy ethic represents a heritage derived from the ancient chivalric days of knights. Chivalry and chevalier have the same root and are the embodiment of a code of ethics based on virtue, honour, loyalty, valor, and integrity. It is not[…]