March 9, 2018


Evelyn McKelvie – Not Just Another Coach

Evelyn McKelvie Executive Coach and Founder of Equine Coach

Evelyn McKelvie is a certified Executive coach, speaker, and author who specializes in working with teams and individuals who seek to create radically improved organizational cultures and to overcome limiting barriers to optimal performance at work and in life.

Evelyn has developed a unique coaching modality which includes working with the aid of horses as co-coaches. Incorporating principles from neuroscience, Conversational Intelligence, and Emotional Intelligence, Evelyn’s method of working with horses provides unique opportunities for people to go deep fast. The work with horses does not involve any riding but is done on the ground, a much more intimate way to connect with horses.

Creating her own unique path in this now-growing industry, Evelyn spent many years studying horses and equine body language in order to incorporate the principles of authentic equine communication into her coaching work.  Evelyn also coaches without horses, in person and over the phone. Evelyn has a degree in Music from the University of British Columbia (1994), a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University (2008), a diploma in Computer Programming (2000) and is certified to administer Emotional Intelligence assessments (EQ-I, 2009). She is also a certified horse trainer, studying under one of the top equine clinicians in the world, Canada’s own Chris Irwin.

Evelyn is the author of The Executive Horse: 21st Century Leadership Lessons From Horses. The Executive Horse is available for sale on Amazon as well as on Evelyn’s website:

“Executive coaching is dialogue designed to enhance the expansion of awareness, to enlarge and deepen open-mindedness, to ground us in our experience of shared humanity, and to draw us closer to the manifestation of our impossible dreams.  As a coach it is my responsibility to hold a space for dialogue and learning to occur and to help my clients be the best version of themselves that they can be.”
– Evelyn McKelvie

Evelyn’s signature workshops are include:

  • The Power of Personal Presence,
  • The Power of Conscious Communication, and
  • The Power of Mindful Leadership

Evelyn also works in collaboration with other coaches to produce custom workshops that focus on topics such as assertiveness, communication skills, leadership, and presentation skills.

Contact Evelyn at to inquire about working with her, to invite her to speak to your organization, or to design a custom program for yourself or your team

Evelyn was born in Toronto, Canada, grew up on the Canadian prairies, and has lived on the west coast of Canada for most of her life. Evelyn’s early love of music and the arts initially took her career in the direction of pursuing work with dance and theatre companies and pushed her to pursue her degree in Music from the University of British Columbia.  Her innate curiosity and love of learning led her down a number of career paths eventually into the field of information technology, finishing up as a senior manager for the University of British Columbia Information Technology Department. A natural leader, Evelyn was always interested in improving her leadership abilities and developing the people on her teams. These desires led her to her current career as an executive coach. When not shoulder deep in coaching with horses, Evelyn pursues her life passions, particularly with music and travel. In 2017 she got to combine these in a tour of  Italy to sing with Stelle Maris Concert Choir in a number of ancient cathedrals, including St. Peter’s Basilica. Another highlight of the trip was a midnight flashmob impromptu performance in the Roman Pantheon to cheers and great rounds of applause.


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