November 1, 2016


The Executive Horse: 21st Century Leadership Lessons From Horses


In her book, The Executive Horse: 21st Century Leadership Lessons From Horses, Evelyn McKelvie tells the story of how horses act as powerful co-coaches and teachers, helping people in the workplace transform their relationships and their lives. “With their huge wordless presence they enable us to learn a great deal about our own true natures and help us to become present to reality in ways that are becoming increasingly rare and hard to achieve.” says McKelvie. "Horses offer a powerful antidote and a practical way to get back into our bodies and in touch with the vast array of intelligence that is gathered by our other seven senses."

Evelyn's pioneering work in the field of equine facilitated coaching and learning is described in her book, demonstrating with case studies how her clients have experienced the transformative nature of being with horses in this unique modality. This book will be of interest to leaders, coaches, change agents, and anyone who wishes to explore innovative ways to engage in highly impactful and lasting change.  Click here to purchase your copy or copies.

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“I have been reading your book! I love it. In the beginning I thought it might be a tough read and wordy but I am really enjoying it. I think it is because I get where you are coming from and agree so far with everything you have said. Long story short, I would like to purchase a copy for my sister…”
“I am learning so much. Thank you for writing this book. People are giving themselves a huge gift if they read it.”
“‘The Executive Horse’ definitely surprised me in an overwhelmingly positive and emotional way. … The book is very well structured; with an artful mixture and overlap of wonderfully illustrated uses of emotional intelligence. I read it voraciously and wanted more. It gave me what I look for in a great book/film/painting; I look at things differently afterwards. ”
“I have been working with Dex (her horse) differently since I read your book. I feel the difference already. I also go into meetings at work differently. I love it. I am going to read it again.”