August 4, 2015

Decision Time

It’s decision time. You may be facing a critical situation – organizational change, new responsibilities, a new boss – and you need to re-calculate your course. Or you may be in a crisis and have some tough choices in front of you. Perhaps your performance is suffering as a result of a little more stress than you are used to handling.  You may be noticing you feel the need to connect inside yourself really deeply. Perhaps there is a little too much chatter in your head and you can’t feel the connection to your intuition, to your innermost being, that is essential for you to make a really good decision. You may even be feeling stuck and looking for that bolt of lightning that will awaken the dragon within. No matter the cause, you know you need a thinking partner who can help you strategize to navigate rough waters ahead or perhaps chart a new course.

If this sounds like you, book me for a complimentary conversation to see if we are well suited to work together. If we agree that we are a good fit, you can expect me to be in your corner working with you to achieve your goals. This coaching package typically lasts 6 sessions.  Contact me

ICF Coach’s Code of Ethics

Click here to find the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics to which I adhere. The short form is: our relationship and everything that transpires in our relationship is confidential for me.