July 11, 2015

Send ‘Em to the Cowgirl

There is an expression in the horse world: send him to the cowboy. People tell you to send a horse to the cowboy when he has learned to buck as a way of getting out of work or because he won’t accept a rider. Either way he is creating problems and may even be dangerous.  I have appropriated the expression: send ’em to the cowgirl as an analogy for those times when you need a coach to work with a particularly difficult employee or member of your leadership team.

When you have a star who is difficult to manage, who may be creating problems for you or with others on the team, or may even be a liability to the company, there comes a time when you have to do something. You want to retain the talent and  restore equilibrium so that everyone is still engaged and contributing. Equine facilitated coaching combined with an EQ-i assessment may be the fix you need. I can work with your most challenging staff.

If things have gotten to the point of calling in H.R. it is possible to form a Coaching Success team to create the outcomes that you are looking for.   Contact me  or book me for a complimentary confidential discussion about the possibilities.

ICF Coach’s Code of Ethics

Click here to find the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics to which I adhere. The short form is: our relationship and everything that transpires in our relationship is confidential for me.