July 13, 2015

Solutions and Benefits

Solutions and benefits are the bottom line of why people seek out coaching.

It’s all about Presence


My experience is that people are unconscious of their own presence. They have a poor understanding of how impactful they can be or that they can shape their presence to be more effective in their careers and lives. Developing awareness and control of our presence is the secret ingredient to great EQ and ultimately the thing which we all seek: happiness.  The horse has that magical ability to increase our awareness of our own presence in ways that people can’t. Humans communicate in verbal language, but we’re less aware of our intuitive knowing. We are too much in our heads and into the story of who we are to truly pay attention and be in the moment.

Through interactions with the horse, people learn to shift their awareness to become more conscious of their presence and to be in control of it, rather than being at the whim of circumstances.  Just as Peter Senge and his colleagues have found (www.presencing.com), we are able to experience a new positive state, realize that it can be ours, and entrain it into our moment-to-moment being so that it becomes self-generating.

People who come to equine facilitated executive coaching never leave without having an amazing, profound, and lasting experience. Often they are surprised by what comes up for them and by the lessons they learn. Going deep – and this work takes you deep – creates insight into things that are not necessarily apparent to the conscious mind. People and teams articulate a variety of reasons and issues that prompt the desire to seek out this kind of work.

Solutions for Individuals

People come to coaching because they need to make a change – career, job, even life change –  or they are in a crisis and need some rational and emotional support to go through some tough decisions making.  During one to one coaching I will help you overcome these challenges:

  • Address the pressing need to make significant career/work/life decisions.
  • Make decisions that are weighty and require  a strong connection to inner awareness and attention.
  • Deal with crisis issues and difficult or insensitive leaders, reports, or co-workers that are having an adverse effect on career or well-being.
  • Salvage and protect emotional well-being, rebuild resilience, while creating an action plan to manage present and future challenges

In the work we do together people report:

  • Finding a new and deep connection to intuition, values, and their personal mission enhancing decision making.
  • Becoming empowered with increased skill at expressing themselves and positively influencing others
  • developing and maintaining solid relationships that are supportive, healthy, and life-enhancing
  • managing stress and coping with challenges with resilience and optimism
  • interpreting and using emotional information in effective and meaningful ways

Solutions for Teams

Teams aren’t always in need of fixing. They don’t always come because they have problems. They might be looking for an exceptional provocative experience that will help to stimulate the juices and refresh a perspective on their work and each other. With teams I can help deal with challenges such as:

  • Repeating the same mistakes: producing substandard results, creating poor client and customer service
  • Ineffective and frustrating communication
  • Competition where collaboration is needed
  • Remaining stuck in the old culture and unable to embrace needed change
  • Lack of accountability and or trust

I help to develop high performance teams by building trust and respect, thus enhancing:

  • the ability to work together
  • understanding and tolerating interpersonal differences
  • understanding and integrating body language into inter-personal and team communications
  • the ability to give and receive supportive feedback
  • developing cross cultural communication skills
  • creating and sustaining powerful organizational culture change

Team retreats and offsites and customized to suit the needs of your organization, ne they leadership teams or operational staff. I can work with you or your Human Resources Director to create the experience that is perfectly suited to you needs.


The Benefits

They kind of speak for themselves. Don’t they?