Horses Teach at Med School?

That sounds like one of those tabloid headlines designed to draw your attention because it is so nonsensical. But at Rutgers medical school that is indeed what is happening! Horses are teaching at Med School! It’s “a doctor’s presence alone, rather than their competence, that can mean the difference between life or death.” ¬†Maria Katsamanis,[…]

Mindfulness, Awareness, and Concentration

Mindfulness seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. Sorry for the bad pun – but it is, apparently, increasingly a topic of interest. In fact, Google search trends show a steady increase in web searches for the terms mindful or mindfulness since 2005. Europe was the source for most of the searches of the[…]

Awareness and Coaching Presence

Awareness and coaching presence are core competencies for coaches. I love coaching with horses because they foster and reinforce these competencies constantly. Being with horses just naturally seems to focus one’s attention on inner states and how we are affected by inputs from the environment and other beings. Horses are natural-born coaches that way. At[…]