January 25, 2016

The 8 Fold Path of Equus – Introduction

The original 8 Fold Path dates back hundreds of years to the early teachings of the Buddha. The Path is at the spiritual heart of the Buddhist tradition as a guide to right living and is integral to the ethos of the spiritual warrior. The greatest enemy of the spiritual warrior is self-ignorance, thus self-knowledge is fundamental to the path towards enlightenment.

The 8 Fold Path of Equus was developed by renowned equine trainer and clinician Chris Irwin. His many years of studying, training, and teaching led him to envision this path which results from his deep understanding of the horse and what the horse needs from us as riders.  Nothing short of self-knowledge, emotional intelligence, and strong leadership is required in order for our horses to trust us, to give themselves over to us, and to turn over their enormous physical power and sensitivity to suit our needs.   “Your horse wants you to balance assertiveness with empathy, consistency with accountability, composure with passion, awareness with proactivity. “ (Irwin, P. 28, Dancing With Your Dark Horse) One of my favourite leadership quotes of Chris Irwin is the admonition to be “a force to be reckoned with, nothing to be afraid of.” You can find out more about Chris at www.chrisirwin.com.

Like the Buddhist 8 Fold Path, the 8 Fold Path of Equus as I have further developed it, is a non-linear guide. The steps on this 8 Fold Path translate into principles that we can utilize in our lives. They have a relationship to emotional intelligence factors as well as incorporating tools that can assist us in our personal and professional development.  I have created this assessment with Chris’ blessing. It is meant as a coaching tool. The 56 statements articulate concepts that we can all benefit from asking ourselves from time to time, as a check on our progress in life’s journey. The result is for your personal use and is not available to me, unless you elect to send me a copy.

The assessment should take you less than 15 minutes.  Most people will spend under 10 minutes considering and responding to the statements. Once completed, a private Report will be sent to your email inbox.  Good luck and may the Horse Be With You!