July 11, 2015

The Team Retreat

You are looking for a great offsite experience for a day or maybe 3. You have planning to do and you want to feature some activities that will be challenging, stimulating, and will get your people connecting their hearts to their heads. We can make it happen right here in BC’s Lower Mainland within an hour of Vancouver.

Working with horses fosters development in emotional intelligence. Working with horses and teams fosters the development of high performance teams by building trust and respect and enhances:

  • the ability to work together
  • increased understanding and tolerance of interpersonal differences
  • understanding and using body language effectively in inter-personal and team communications
  • enhanced ability to give and receive supportive feedback
  • fostering self-knowledge and healthy emotional self-expression
  • creating the respect and trust to engage in powerful organizational culture change

Contact me for a discussion about your goals and how we can help you to achieve them.


ICF Coach’s Code of Ethics

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